10 Things to consider when Camping in the rain

Many people love camping in a season when there is no rain when the weather is cool and calm but unfortunately, we fail to consider what happens on a bad day. We are always not prepared for the rainy day because we felt it might ruin our camping.

Rain should not be a barrier when camping outdoors. If there are adequate preparation and plans then you would enjoy camping in the rain no matter how harsh the weather condition is. That is why we are here to give you the important things to consider when camping in the rain so that you can enjoy the adventure like never before.

1. Be cognizant with the weather forecast

Checking the weather forecast of the area you are going before leaving is very important. Trust me, the weather forecast you checked of that area the last time is quite different from what it is now. So, it is crucial to be cognizant with the weather forecast in other to have a disastrous outing.

The fact that the weather forecast indicates a dry weather condition in some areas does not always mean you should go with materials needed for a dry weather condition alone. The weather condition in some places might be variable and quite unpredictable, most especially the mountain areas.

2. Don’t go along with cotton clothes

When it’s raining, cotton clothes gets worse. Cotton clothes do not get dry easily in the normal day and often gets moist so fast. So it is advisable to go with light weighted clothes especially nylon fabrics which can easily draw off the moisture.

3. Wear waterproof shoes

Imagine yourself walking in the rain with a wet foot. You feel unhappy and uncomfortable because your feet is stuffy and it tends not to be in the normal state right? Yes of course. It is necessary to wear waterproof shoes while going on camping in the rain. Even though the cost of these boots might be high, trust me the additional expenditure is worth it after considering how uncomfortable it might be not having them. Water resistant boots keep your feet dry no matter how rainy it might be.

If truly you plan for an awesome rain camping, this won’t be left out.

4. Take along rain pants and rain jackets

You wouldn’t want to be drenched with water when the rain starts. therefore if you are not taking the necessary clothes needed for camping, just know you are in a big mess.

Your normal clothes get wet so fast in the rain but whenever you have your rain pants and rain coat or jackets on, trust me you are going to enjoy your outing.

Whenever the cloud changes and you feel the rain is about to start. Pull out rain clothes as fast as possible and wear them so you could keep dry for the rest of the day.

5. Place a tarp over the tent

Hoist the tarp over your tent on poles or by tying a rope between trees. Make sure the tarp is angled so the rainwater runs off the side, away from your tent. You can bring multiple tarps and set them up over other areas, such as a dining area too. Then you won’t be stuck in your tent during the storm.

6. Place a ground tarpaulin below your tent

In other to avoid tents flow in flood from the ground, it is necessary to put a durable and strong tarp below your tent because there are high chances things like this might happen while camping in the rain.

Make sure no tarp’s part spreads out from below the tent so that the rain doesn’t affect the roll and tarp below the tent which makes tent floor absorb water.

7. Take along newspapers and dry towels

It is necessary to take along newspapers and towels in other to mop up rainwater when needed. This is one of the relevant things that will be needed while going on rain camping. The Newspaper helps in starting a fire when there is no dry wood around and also soaking up moisture in wet shoes. The towels can be used to wipe down tables and other surfaces.

8. Set up the tent dry and on high ground

Take a look around your campsite before setting up the tent. It is obvious that most people go for a low ground region when setting up a tent but trust me it is so disastrous and can’t keep the tent safe when the rain starts.

It is necessary to pick a spot that’s elevated, away from any slopes or hills.

Also, be aware of water levels of rivers nearby and avoid narrow areas.

More so, avoid camping at high points where there is lightening.

9. Take along plastic bags with big sizes

The bags do a lot of job for you in camping in the rain and it is one of most essential things to be considered. Apart from the fact that it is inexpensive, it is easy to pack. It can act as live savers for the dampers when the rain is so much because it floats you on the water. It can be used to keep and store dry things that shouldn’t be affected by the rain. Wet clothes and boots can also be kept inside in other to avoid getting wet the more. Dry firewood can also be kept in them.

10. Add a lining layer

A high assurance that placing a tarp below the tent is so secured when heavy rainfall comes is not guaranteed. Water gets in and spoils your camping if some things are not done. Therefore, it is necessary to overcome this problem by adding a lining layer to the tent’s inside area thereby blocking the passage of water or moisture. A thick sheet of plastic might also be needed in which the construction employees use.

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